Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ready or Not?

Dear Human War and Independent Film Supporters:

The producers of THE HUMAN WAR are prepping for a November 30th - December 20th shoot in Youngstown, Ohio. As such, we are looking to secure some final elements before our production is under way.

If any of you have leads on any of the following items in the Youngstown area, please forward this email or respond in kind with relevant contact information:


Lodging - Furnished home for rent in Youngstown with 4-7 rooms (more, the better) from 11/01/09 - 12/20/09

· Trailer Park rental

· Used Car Rental – insured and for the month; beat up or simply older than 1990.


We are hoping to piece together a soundtrack for the film with both national and local bands. If you have music you’d like to submit for consideration in the film, please send an MP3 to


We will be doing another local casting in Youngstown in early November. Those of you who are interested in being extras or auditioning for small bit parts, please respond or forward this e-mail in kind to