Friday, July 17, 2009

The Human War: Film Update

(Above: Noah Cicero, New York City, 2009)
We're finally becoming good salesmen! Who knows? It's either that, or we're suddenly hot right now. I have no idea. In either case, investors are definitely showing interest in funding THE HUMAN WAR movie. That means, I'll be heading to L.A. in August. We'll probably shoot as early as December 2009, or rock it in April 2010. It really depends on how fast we get people aboard this train.
And it's moving fast! I didn't expect to have everything to come together so soon, but I just kept pushing past doubts and throwing out lines. I guess that's been the secret.
I'm just so thankful that this film will get made. It's going to rock in the future. I can see it. It's in a little cradle. It's being kept warm and clean. The mobile is twirling. There we all are. Proud parents: Noah, Thomas, and I.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Moving to Youngstown for Six Months???

It looks like Sogee and I will be moving to Youngstown in August. I'm still talking it over with everyone involved, but this seems like a positive choice to bring budget costs down for the film and get things moving on every front.

Speaking of costs, we're still trying to raise 50,000 more dollars for the film. Right now we have openings for investors at the 2-5k level. Have you got an extra 2k in the bank? Would you like to invest in a film with heart? Would you like to root for the underdog? Give me a call and become part of the family.

(310) 779-0469

We're bringing everyone in on this project. Now we just need a couple more investors to bring this thing to life. So do me a favor, if you don't have 2k, but you got a $100, then consider offering a donation. We could use all the help. Truly.